Custom Orders

Disclaimer:  Hansford3D cannot do internal drawing for it is out of our scoop and capablites.  These means machine drawings and electrical drawings are not provided.

What we do

Hansford3D offers a range of services for custom projects, including 3D modeling, 2D drawings, render images, and 3D printed parts. in handling custom jobs that cater to unique needs and specifications. In delivering tailor-made solutions, we create simple prototypes, custom-designed parts, and specialized components. Contact us to discuss your needs and bring your vision to life.

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How It Works

Contact Us

Send Hansford3D a message and a representative will get back to you and discuss what you need made, design or anything else H3D can help you with.

Creating and Accepting Custom Jobs

After everything is sorted out in the discussion, Hansford3D will create a "Custom Job" and a prompt will be sent to you to accept. After you accept we will start going to work and prepare for delivery.

Deliver and Enjoy

Once we are done we will deliver your 3D print and/or CAD portfolio for you to enjoy and use to start your next step in building your venture.

Stories of Project

Shown below are project of custom jobs from previous and satisfied customers.

The Hazmat Suit

Hansford3D first project. When COVID hit it hit hard. People panic and scientist and doctors risk there lives to trying to combat the virus. A Customer came to us and asked to design a Hazmat suit. Designed with a customizable mask, face shield cap and thermometers for temperature monitoring, the Hazmat suit was cable to maintain full protection with easy release to take off without effecting anyone. The customer was happy with the design and gave a good review.

New Coca Cola Cap

A few engineers asked Hansford3D to help them with a new cap for Coca Cola. The issue they were trying to solve is to see if this is stronger then today's cap. We at Hansford3D offer to run a stress simulation and report to see how well the the design Cap performed. With Hansford3D help our reports indicated that it would survive.

Protective Eye Wear

Another product to combat COVID. A customer has asked to design and 3D print a product to help them wear a protective clear acrylic sheet that goes over people faces. Using PETG material to keep it structurally strong and on the side, TPU to help lock the acrylic into place on the eye wear.